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"Keith R. from Indiana here. I wanted to send you a BIG THANKS for getting my bear done so fast. I hung it on the wall and it looks great. That was my dream hunt and I was lucky enough to get one. Then to find a guy like you that can make that animal into a beautiful rug! It was well above my greatest expectations. I am going to try to make another hunting trip to Montana and hopefully I will get lucky enough that we will meet up again. You guys are No. 1 in my book. THANKS AGAIN." Additional feferences and phone numbers for past clients available upon request


Custom, excellent-quality wildlife taxidermy

Don’t hunt, but want a trophy mount? We welcome inquiries from non-hunters who are looking for custom wildlife mounts for their décor needs.  We have sources for new products to create a beautiful trophy mounts in custom poses just the way the customer desires and to fit a specific space. These are custom-created, one-of-a-kind new pieces that can be tailored to your request. We can obtain most big game animal species to fill your order. It has been our pleasure over the years to have provided trophy mounts for many homes, hunting lodges, guest ranches, hotels, and commercial spaces across the United States.  Using the latest innovative taxidermy techniques and technology, we can create beautiful eyes, ears and mouths. Heads can be positioned in any direction you wish, and mouths can be done in closed or expressive open positions. Teeth, nose, eyes and claws are lifelike and very realistic, as well as durable and won’t discolor. The fur is lustrous and well-preserved. We enjoy working with our customers closely to get just the expression and position the customer desires to fit their space. The latest technology allows us to even create detachable antlers that can make handling for moving and shipping of even the largest record-size racks much less of a hassle and cost, yet is virtually undetectable in the appearance of the mounted piece. We can help you get the majestic, realistic-looking wildlife mount you desire that is of the absolute highest-quality workmanship. Please look through our website to see samples of our beautiful creations. We are proud of our work, and our craftsmanship is top-notch using the best materials available.  All work is guaranteed. References are available upon request. Please call or email us for more information. We look forward to meeting you and discussing your needs. We are a custom taxidermy studio operating in northwest Montana creating one-of-a-kind wildlife mounts that are hand-crafted works of art.  We are not a production shop. Taxidermist John Hayes has more than 20 years experience in the profession and prides himself on fine craftsmanship. We do North American big game, African exotics, small mammals, birds and water fowl, fish, and even some reptile taxidermy. For hunters, we can do everything from standard head to full-body mounts to preserve your prize. We also offer retail trophy mounts for customers who do not hunt. Sorry, we do not do pets. Our specialty is to create life-like and unique mounts and custom habitat settings that capture the movement and moment of the animal. In addition to standard mounts, our clients have asked us to portray very challenging scenes such as bears in caves, mountain goats leaping on two feet down a steep snow-covered rocky outcrop, bear cubs climbing a tree, mountain lion and wolves in the act of pouncing on prey, realistic fish swimming in rivers, and more. We enjoy these opportunities to use innovative methods to create life-like wildlife action scenes. See our photo gallery for examples of our big game mounts that use single attachment points for amazing leaping and jumping action display creations. We can create wall-mounted pieces, horizontal displays for flat surfaces, stand-alones, and works that are incorporated into beautiful pieces of furniture.
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DON’T HUNT? We can provide head mounts, animal rugs, and life-size trophy mounts for your home decor needs to create the look you want for your space! Click here for details.
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