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For those who are non-hunters, we offer a large selection of deer, elk and moose heads, luxurious bear skin rugs and other fine furnishings. All items are new and top quality. Please call for availability. View our home decor section.

Rocky Mountain ElkChocolate Black Bear Rug
Desert Big Horn Sheep

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Black Bear

North American Moose, Elk, Deer Heads, 
Bear Skin Rugs available.

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African Leopard
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Alaskan MooseDennis Dumont started out his career path with a degree in commercial art. He has owned and operated taxidermy studios in Michigan and Montana and currently has 40 years of experience in taxidermy.

He built his own log home in Montana and created antler chandeliers and lamps for his home. As other people saw his work and hired him to create custom pieces for them, Dennis decided to market these items at a reasonable price. He has also created glass and oak enclosed tables for the home which display beautiful wildlife in their natural habitat. Living in the beautiful mountains of northwest Montana has inspired many of his works, such as the natural White Tail DeerMontana shed moose horn carvings that display an eagle in flight.

Dennis works on each project individually. This is not a production studio. His work has been shipped to customers throughout the United States, including Alaska and Hawaii. Custom orders that involve home décor items combined with taxidermy are always welcome.

Dennis spends his leisure time hunting, fishing, hiking and snowshoeing in the mountains, and photographing the outdoors with his wife, Barbara. Call us if you have any questions about antler chandeliers, custom wildlife furniture, custom taxidermy projects, or pricing. Please visit the pages on our web site to see examples of our work.

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"Dennis, I can't thank you enough. The bear is wonderful; the head is absolutely beautiful. I like the way you made her snout broad and the ears the way they are. When I first saw it I thought the thing was going to jump up and maul me! Thanks again for everything." - Tom B.

African Crocodile"Hi Dumont, we received the elk mount last Friday and it is gorgeous! I had it hung the same day and absolutely love it! I will let you know when I need the next one. Thanks for all you did." - Jeri W.

"I want to thank you & compliment you on the outstanding & professional taxidermy work that you have done on all my trophy animals. I have never seen a face on a Kodiak bear at any convention that can measure up to the one you did for me. This Kodiak is the finest I have ever seen. You also did a beautiful job on my Caribou, especially the dew coming off the whiskers. I like the small details you include Cape Buffalothat most taxidermists wouldn't take the time to do. It seems that where you really shine is on the eyes & face of the animals that you have done for me. My African animals are outstanding. I cannot believe the detail you put into these trophies. They look like they are still alive. They all have special details that many of my hunting friends seem to notice. Like a wrinkle in the neck or a natural looking mouth. The eyes on the Leopard seem like they are looking right through you. Truly outstanding! All the full mounts on the African animals are all beautiful. They looked like they just stepped out of the bush. You have made my "Trophy Room" look more like a "Game Preserve" Thanks again." - Ed Simone, Ogden, Utah


Mountain LionAfrican Crocodile

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